The most favorite winter sports in the USA

The USA is famous for the sport nation because almost people are interested in sports event and play at least one game daily. Normally, the local in the USA are healthy and strong. Although they have a cool winter, they are ready to enjoy various kind of winter sports.

In this article, we will discuss top the most favorite winter sports in the USA. If you travel to the USA in the winter, you shouldn’t ignore top interesting sports as followings.

1/ Figure skating

This sport is flexible to play with groups, couples or person. Depending on your favorite. Figure skating means that you use figure skating shoes to slide and move on the ice smoothly as you are traveling on the landed road.

This winter sport is popular with all of the age because it has other different movements and skills, from basic for amateur to professional skaters like rotating, jumping, running or shaping.

It’s amazing when you can travel on the ice in the cool. A little cool and comfortable to enjoy it after your working time or doing it as morning exercise.

Figure skating also brings benefits for health, especially burn calories for someone to lose on weight.

2/ Snow skiing

This sport is familiar with the figure skating. But it is more dangerous than the figure skating due to an outdoor sport.

This sport will be taken place on mountains or high slopes. You will use a pair of sliders and struts then slide on ski. In addition, players also prepare shoes, coats, gloves or glasses to keep warm when they are outside in a long time. Especially, don’t forget to wear helmet to protect your head in safety.

This sport only is popular with the young who like adventuring.