The avalanche at ski resorts in Victoria state of the US is dangerous

Authorities have issued a warning to ski lovers because avalanches are more likely to occur in Victoria’s ski resorts.

The annual report of the management of Mt Hotham ski resort in 2018, published by Yahoo News, shows that the risk of avalanche has increased many times last year due to heavy, frequent snowfall, plus strong wind.

The report predicts that avalanches will occur more and more due to the increasing number of skiers and skaters in unattended areas.

Last year, several small avalanches have been reported in areas near the ski area on Mt Hotham, but no injuries have been recorded.

The report emphasizes regular patrols within the ski area to help prevent all possible hazards, and those who like to ski should be more aware of the potential dangers.

However, the report predicts that the number of cases to be rescued in areas near the ski area will increase significantly in the coming years.

At Falls Creek ski area, the risk of avalanches is likely to increase during this year’s ski season, the report predicts.

Patrols in the ski area are underway after 1,628 cases of endangered skiers were reported in 2018, up a quarter of the long-term average.

These incidents result in health checks, treatment of minor injuries and taking tourists skiing to a medical center.

The increase in the number of people in need of ski assistance is largely due to the fact that more people go skiing in the winter and the winter lasts longer, providing ideal snow conditions.

The report adds that this is also the result of skiers who have improved their skills from beginner to intermediate.

Therefore, for those who have any plans to participating in the winter sport in this area need to reconsider for the safety of the trip. You should change the destinations to take part in these sports. Have fun with the great winter sports in the USA!