The most favorite winter sports in the USA

The USA is famous with many modern sports. This nation is also called as a sport nation because the local people are close with sports in daily life.

If you visit USA, you should discover some sports to understand deeply about culture and the human. In this article, we continue to share top the most favorite winter sports in the USA.

3/ Ice Hockey

In hockey history, the USA is the first home. The fact that, hockey is one of the most indispensable winter sports at there.

This sport is suitable to play with team. In general, it has a basic form and rule as football but it is only played on ice. In one team, there are 6 players and one goalkeeper. When one player hit ball into the opponent’s net, they will get one score. Finally, which team has higher scores, they become winners.

This sport is good to practice muscles and keep fit for body, so it becomes a favorite teamwork game. For any student in the USA, he also tried to play ice hockey at least one time. Then he can be addicted because you feel comfortable and relaxing when playing it.

4/ Curling    

It is an interesting sport at the SNC. Someone is called rockballs.

There are 2 team in one match. In one team, will have 4 players. Members in team will try the best to overcome pace of opponents and make score suitably.

Purpose of curling is to hit rockball on the ice to target. As method, one member will move ball whereas the rest will adjust and take action directly with only ball.

5/ Baseboarding

Basically, it is tobogganing then it has been created when connecting with a baseboard to move on ski road smoothly.

This sport requires basic requirements so it only takes some minutes to remember and start it for beginners.

The most favorite winter sports in the USA

The USA is famous for the sport nation because almost people are interested in sports event and play at least one game daily. Normally, the local in the USA are healthy and strong. Although they have a cool winter, they are ready to enjoy various kind of winter sports.

In this article, we will discuss top the most favorite winter sports in the USA. If you travel to the USA in the winter, you shouldn’t ignore top interesting sports as followings.

1/ Figure skating

This sport is flexible to play with groups, couples or person. Depending on your favorite. Figure skating means that you use figure skating shoes to slide and move on the ice smoothly as you are traveling on the landed road.

This winter sport is popular with all of the age because it has other different movements and skills, from basic for amateur to professional skaters like rotating, jumping, running or shaping.

It’s amazing when you can travel on the ice in the cool. A little cool and comfortable to enjoy it after your working time or doing it as morning exercise.

Figure skating also brings benefits for health, especially burn calories for someone to lose on weight.

2/ Snow skiing

This sport is familiar with the figure skating. But it is more dangerous than the figure skating due to an outdoor sport.

This sport will be taken place on mountains or high slopes. You will use a pair of sliders and struts then slide on ski. In addition, players also prepare shoes, coats, gloves or glasses to keep warm when they are outside in a long time. Especially, don’t forget to wear helmet to protect your head in safety.

This sport only is popular with the young who like adventuring.

The top 12 ski resorts in Montana, America (Part 4)

10. Blacktail mountain ski area

Close to the western shore of Lake Flathead in northern Montana, Blacktail Mountain provides access to over 1,000 skid lands in Flathead National Forest. This is a great place to enjoy winter sports in the USA.

For a more local feel, besides a relaxed and less crowded atmosphere, the Blacktail Mountain Ski Area also offers great views on clear days and untapped piles of powdery roads. For après-skiing, Blacktail Lodge offers on-site dining options and an affordable fireplace for between-run heating.

Address: 13990 Blacktail Street, Lakeside, Montana

11. The red mountain

South of central Montana, near the Utah border and Yellowstone National Park, Red Lodge Mountain has beginner-friendly pricing and large mountain terrain. The area covers over 16,000 acres, and longtime skiers and snowboarders at Red Lodge Mountain appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and trails at six seats.

Travelers from across the state generally enjoy on average 250 inches of snow annually. The mountains serve primarily for intermediate and advanced skiers, but beginners at Red Lodge can find low running angles near the foot of the mountain.

Address: Ski slopes 305, Red Lodge, Montana

12. Mount Maverick

A mother and pop ski resort in Southwest Montana, Maverick Mountain covers 450 acres in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. Friendly prices and virtually non-existent lift lines keep Maverick popular throughout the season, especially for those who are living or visiting Dillon, Montana 40 miles away.

Address: 1600 Maverick Mountain Road, Polaris, Montana

More ski resorts in the West

For great skiing in the United States, Montana is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the best ski resorts in Colorado truly gain international appeal, as well as top rated ski resorts in Utah. For some Pacific Northwest appeals, the best ski resorts in Washington provide with abundant snow throughout the winter.

Ski resorts across the country

If you’re trying to find a budget-friendly ski destination, be sure to check out our article on Cheap Ski Resort in North America. For skiing in the East, check out our article on the best ski resorts in Vermont, New Hampshire and even the sunny slopes of the North Carolina mountains.

The top 12 ski resorts in Montana, America (Part 1)

Regardless of the time of year, Montana brings adventure. In the winter, residents and tourists often trade hiking and climbing shoes for snowboards and snowboards to destroy the many amazing ski slopes found throughout the western region of the state.

From world-renowned destinations and large areas found in places like Big Sky and Whitefish Mountain Resort to family activities like Bridger Bowl and Lost Trail, every level of skiers and skiers can find something that suits their ability. The groom, silhouette, trough, and beautiful scenery of the northern Rocky Mountains can be expected on any ski trip in Montana. Find top slopes with our list of the best ski resorts in Montana.

1. Big Sky resort

With over 5, 800 acres of ski land accessible by 36 lifts, Big Sky Resort is renowned as the largest ski service provider in the US. The ample space and myriad high-speed elevators lend little or no lift, although lots of people come to take turns every day of the week.

An hour south of Bozeman, and north of Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky is a ski destination of the Northern Rockies that caters to beginners, middlemen and especially those seeking local locations. large image.

For a unique skiing experience in Montana, visitors to Big Sky can take the Lone Peak tram to the top of 11,166 feet for 300-degree skidable terrain. With an average snowfall over 400 inches annually and the expected season day lasting over 4, 5 months, it takes many seasons to explore all of the Big Sky and Lone Mountain terrain included. Other restaurants, motels and resorts are full of mountain facilities at Big Sky, including a winter full of live music and winter sports events.

Official site:

2. Whitefish Mountain Resort

Also known as Big Mountain, the Whitefish Mountain Resort borders Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. Eleven presidents and two T-bars lend access to more than 3,000 skidable terrain at Whitefish, including a variety of shadows, grooms and dough.

The avalanche at ski resorts in Victoria state of the US is dangerous

Authorities have issued a warning to ski lovers because avalanches are more likely to occur in Victoria’s ski resorts.

The annual report of the management of Mt Hotham ski resort in 2018, published by Yahoo News, shows that the risk of avalanche has increased many times last year due to heavy, frequent snowfall, plus strong wind.

The report predicts that avalanches will occur more and more due to the increasing number of skiers and skaters in unattended areas.

Last year, several small avalanches have been reported in areas near the ski area on Mt Hotham, but no injuries have been recorded.

The report emphasizes regular patrols within the ski area to help prevent all possible hazards, and those who like to ski should be more aware of the potential dangers.

However, the report predicts that the number of cases to be rescued in areas near the ski area will increase significantly in the coming years.

At Falls Creek ski area, the risk of avalanches is likely to increase during this year’s ski season, the report predicts.

Patrols in the ski area are underway after 1,628 cases of endangered skiers were reported in 2018, up a quarter of the long-term average.

These incidents result in health checks, treatment of minor injuries and taking tourists skiing to a medical center.

The increase in the number of people in need of ski assistance is largely due to the fact that more people go skiing in the winter and the winter lasts longer, providing ideal snow conditions.

The report adds that this is also the result of skiers who have improved their skills from beginner to intermediate.

Therefore, for those who have any plans to participating in the winter sport in this area need to reconsider for the safety of the trip. You should change the destinations to take part in these sports. Have fun with the great winter sports in the USA!

Interesting things to try in the winter of the United States

Interesting things only in the US! Always a busy and bustling city – the land of chess always attracts visitors every year to experience new things! Today’s we will introduce you to exciting winter sports in the USA.

The United States consists of 50 states and a federal district. Each state of the United States has its own special features and attracts tourists to come here. In addition to the cultural beauty and unique natural surroundings, the recreational activities here are also one of the reasons why sports lovers come to the United States.

Jogging in Idaho

Idaho Coeur d’alene Resort is one of the places suitable for jogging by the fresh air and natural beauty. This area is suitable for those who run and bike long distances by the peaceful blue lake.

Playing sports in Lake Tahoe

Lake Taho is the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada region of the US state of California and is an ideal skiing spot for the winter. This is suitable for winter sports lovers who come here to experience!

Admiring the water world in Oregon

The most famous Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and ranks 9th worldwide. Oregon, this is an ideal lake for visitors with diving in submerged volcanoes and admire the great mosses under the lake bed.

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the wildlife world with a trip around the islands near the sunken crater on Wizard Island.

Horseback riding in Montana

Guests can both horseback riding and enjoy the scenery and enjoy the fresh air! Here you can visit the horse farm here to learn the process of raising horses. There are also campsites for families.

Wild nature in Alaska

The only way to get to Lake Clark in Alaska is to walk through the forest, you will have interesting experiences as an eco tour. Clark Lake is considered the highlight of Alaska region because of its fresh green Activities that take place in the lake such as fishing, kayaking or enjoying the wild scenery, camping, walking around the lake.

What activities to do when traveling to the USA in the winter (Part 1)

Despite the relatively low temperatures, US tourist destinations such as Minneapolis, Minnesota are also able to attract thousands of visitors to activities such as freezing climbing during the Sandstone Ice Festival.

In addition, when traveling to the US, visitors can experience many skiing destinations or visit frozen lakes at high speed.

Winters in the US are extremely cold, but American tourist destinations still have many interesting places for you to play without worrying about having to book an American tour at Vietnam Travel Here are interesting experiences for you when traveling to the US in the winter.

1. Watch the whales on the island of Hawaii

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you come to the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Winter is also the season when whales swim through the North Pacific. According to the researchers, humpback whales will migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to find warmer waters in the winter. In addition to whale watching tours in Hawaii, you can watch the sunrise or sunset extremely beautiful.

2. Skating at Central Park in New York, USA

When coming to the US tour in the winter, visitors are attracted not only by the snow but also by the interesting outdoor activities. One of them is ice skating at the Wollman Rink ice rink – a sport loved by Americans as well as tourists.

This ice rink is located in the center of New York Central Park. When you come here you can enjoy this winter sports in the USA from morning till night. You can join ice skating from October to early April next year (depending on weather conditions).

3. Participate in your own Winter Olympics at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Any fit person can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval. There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.

St. Louis Blues ice hockey team won the Stanley Cup for the first time

Louis Blues hockey team defeated the Boston Bruins in the decisive match for the championship of the American Hockey Professionals (NHL).

After 6 extremely powerful matches, the two teams drew 3-3 in the series of finals. St. Louis is looking for the first championship in 52 seasons, and their rival Boston Bruins is trying to have a 7th championship.

The seventh match decided to take place on Bruins’ TD Garden, but the match took place in a one-way direction for St. Louis Blues when they beat rivals Boston Bruins right away with a score of 4-1.

Goal players for St. Louis includes Ryan O’Reilly, captain Alex Pietrangelo, Brayden Schenn and Zach Sanford. The Blues victory was also greatly contributed by goalkeeper Jordan Binnington with many excellent saves. Ryan O’Reilly was also voted Best Player of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year.

Alex Pietrangelo added a goal and an assistant and Brayden Schenn and Zach Sanford also scored for St Louis. The Blues woke up on New Year’s morning with the worst performance of the tournament but won 30 of the last 49 matches of the season and passed the playoffs to the final for the first time since 1970.

Coach Craig Berube, who took over when Mike Yeo was sacked in November, was the fourth coach in the past 11 years to be hired in the middle to lead his team to the NHL position.

Ryan O’Reilly plays a very important role to the first Stanley cup for the Blues

With the first Stanley Cup, Louis Blues made history by ending 52 years of waiting for the NHL championship, the longest time in this tournament.

The team is from Louis also balanced the record when he won 10 away matches in the Stanley Cup 2018/19 playoffs, including three consecutive victories on the Boston pitch in the final round, thereby repaying the debt in the series. Stanley Cup final in 1970 when they lost to Boston Bruins 0-4.

Extremely significant victory of St. Louis Blues when they defeated the opponent in the rematch after 49 years.

Activities that are familiar in the US but still attract tourists

Coming to the US not only for sightseeing, sightseeing but also a lot of interesting winter sports that anyone visiting this country should not miss.

Even though the so-called leisure activities are so familiar to Americans, both Americans and tourists from far away love it. Sometimes they come and have fun with their friends.

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you visit the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Play at your own “Winter Olympics” at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Anyone who is fit can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval.

There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.

Ice climbing at Adirondacks

Adirondacks, New York, USA is an area that attracts many tourists each year. If you love climbing and want to have more new experiences, come to Adirondacks on the journey to visit the US in the winter.

Climbing in the winter in this region is an interesting experience, attracting visitors to the most first. The time when many places are covered with snow, freezing is also the time when Adirondacks becomes more attractive than ever for adventure enthusiasts.

Ice fishing in Alaska

Ice fishing is one of America’s winter activities, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you have a trip to America, don’t miss this exciting game!

Ice fishing usually takes place on 10cm -15cm thick ice. From December onwards, Alaska lakes in the United States often freeze not too thick due to weather conditions. After you have chosen a suitable location, just dig a hole in the ice with manual tools to release the string.

This activity is very interesting, not only for adults but also for children, so that they experience it will help their imagination and help connect families.

5 Cheapest skiing spots in the US (Part 1)

Skiing is a challenging winter sport and is loved by many young people. But it’s also undeniable that the cost of a skiing is quite expensive. Equipment (whether new or rented), motels, food, and entrance tickets can burn your wallet, making skiing an ever-distant dream for many.

But do not be discouraged, because there are many resorts across the US that allow you to buy tickets at reasonable prices. The landmarks below are 5 of the cheapest ski resorts in the US. Come on, let’s walk through these resorts and choose for you the most ideal place. Certainly this winter sport will bring you a wonderful holiday that you have always craved.

1. Bridger Bowl (Montana)

The resort with a height of about 792.48 m, an annual snow thickness of 8.89 m, and almost never have to squeeze in the elevator. Does it sound like a place for the giants? It is not! In fact, you can ski with snowboards and canes at the Bridger Bowl for only $49.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy life, parties, and an ideal atmosphere at Bozeman, one of the highest ranked university towns in the United States. So why not? An air ticket to Bozeman!

2. Powderhorn (Colorado)

Colorado in the US is filled with snow resorts, and many people can choose the famous resort Vail or Aspen. But these destinations do not suit our budget.

For those who are quite cautious and cautious when choosing the ski area (because the cost is too high, the equipment bill has burned our pocket money), places like Powderhorn are a breeze to bring the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains. It also offers some of the best skiing techniques in the area. Not only that, you will see the red sandstone mountains, heralding the presence of the southwestern desert of the United States.

With just $ 61 entry fee, it’s hard to believe that luck as you skim through the white snow clusters in challenging bends.