Tips for skiing and snowboard in the USA

When visiting the USA in the winter, you shouldn’t miss skiing or snowboarding. It’s the most favorite winter sport for anyone in this nation. The truth that joining skiing and snowboarding become a special aspect in culture of the American. So, many companies invest good infrastructures and equipment to build up many resorts to serve skiing and snowboard as well combine other entertainment services. So, it’s a smart way to increase quality of lives.

In this article, we share useful tips you need to know before starting a skiing or snowboarding trip in the USA. Following it to have a safe trip.

1/ Prepare for cold weather

The winter in the USA has harmony between charm and beauty. It’s the main reason why people prefer to go out and play activities more than actions in the summer. However, you should take care with the cold weather as well height of mountains. It can be risky for accidents or health.

You should bring enough clothes to keep warm firstly. All accessories such as wool socks, coat, shoes hats and scarves, you shouldn’t forget it.

In addition, you also prepare professional accessories to ski in safety. They include in socks, waterproof pants, goggles, sturdy coat and a ski helmet. Some items are expensive, so you can rent it if you don’t use it normally. Many shops have this service around skiing area. Don’t forget to check carefully when renting it in case it’s wrong or out of work.

You also should use sunscreen to protect your skin. Although it’s not sunny in the winter, sun’s rays still have strong power to affect to your skins. It’s better to take care it in advance.

The truth that the temperature in outside in the USA is extremely low, you should pack all preparation in advance to sure that your trip is safe and happy.


Winter sports in the USA have attracted many tourists to this country. Winter is coming, if you do not want to escape the cold of the winter, please read the article below to pocket the fun activities in the winter in the United States!

1. Snowboarding in the US

Coming to the country of flowers in the winter, visitors can not miss an extremely interesting activity that is skating, a sport that is popular with Americans as well as tourists. You can stop skating at Wollman Rink ice rink – the rink is located in the park of Central New York Park, the ideal place for you to participate in skating delight from morning till night.

If you are an adventurous person, you can go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With rugged terrain surrounding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a great place to learn the art of secluded skiing tours. If you are concerned about ski resorts because of the high cost, make a quick note of some extremely cheap ski destinations in the US such as Bridger Bowl (Montana), Powderhorn (Colorado), Mount Shasta Ski Park (California) ), Mount Burke (Vermont).

2. See the unique natural phenomena at Northern Lights – Fairbanks

The remote areas of Northern Lights – Fairbanks, Alaska, due to its proximity to the North Pole, often occur unique natural phenomena. The green light ribbons caused by charged particles from the sun interact with the earth’s atmosphere, creating a magical sky about 360 miles north of the region. This amazing phenomenon is very lively and attracts many visitors.

There are local tours with guides. The trip will depart at 10 o’clock from the Chena Hot Springs Resort, about 60 miles from downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. After visiting you will be soaked in a hot bath, warm your body and sip some hot drinks.

10 great recommendations to enjoy winter sports in the USA (Part 4)

8. RZR Tour in West Virginia

Just three hours from DC, Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia has been loved by Washington residents for a long time as a winter retreat. Crossing the steep slopes and a cobblestone village on top, as well as the steepest terrain under Mason-Dixon, Snowshoe also offers a unique winter tour by RZR, which is for a romantic escape.

The three-hour trip takes you deep into a secluded spot that serves a varied dinner at Sunrise Backcountry Hut ($ 219 / pair). Favorite dishes to be expected in the winter like beef stew and tilapia encrusted with pecan, washed down with local beer and wine, in this rustic cabin surrounded by greenery.

9. Snowbiking in Oregon

After trying an ice bike ride in Buffalo, head to the Hoodoo Mountain Resort in Oregon to try snowbiking. Here, the bike frame is mounted on a skateboard and the driver will race down the snowy slopes, reaching speeds of up to 135 m.p.h. Anyone who knows how to ride a bike and is passionate about stimulating activities will love this sport.

Once you understand how to play, there will be trails for a variety of skill levels and you even have to jump into the snow to navigate. With a fleet of 35 snowbike rentals and lessons for beginners, plus snowbike races and even a snowbiking spring festival, Hoodoo is undoubtedly the American snowbiking capital.

10. Snowshoe came to dinner in Idaho

From December to March, join us for a winter culinary adventure in McCall, Idaho. Snowshoe or cross-country ski to experience BYOB gourmet dinners at Blue Moon Yurt. This is a unique winter culinary experience deep in Idaho Ponderosa State Park.

The patrons pack drinks, straps on cross-country skiing or snowboarding shoes, then start the one-mile journey under the stars to the warm yurt where they are greeted with warm cider or hot wine. Yurt, nestled on the banks of Payette Lake, cozily surrounded a wood stove with common seats. A short welcome was done with light hors d’oeuvres before the start of the gourmet prix fixe meal. Your experience is to reserve a month because it is usually booked very quickly.

The best places to ski in the USA (Part 2)

New England’s ski resorts are especially favored by snow sports enthusiasts. Let’s continue to check out the best places to ski in the USA.

In the Eastern United States

Sugarloaf (Maine)

Sunday River (Maine)

Attitash (New Hampshire)

Bretton Woods (New Hampshire)

Cannon Mountain (New Hampshire)

Mount Loon (New Hampshire)

Waterville Valley (New Hampshire)

Wildcat (New Hampshire)

Gore Mountain (New York)

Holiday Valley (New York)

Whiteface Mountain (New York)

Peak Jay (Vermont)

Killington (Vermont) Ski Resort

Snow Mountain (Vermont)

Mount Okemo (Vermont)

Smugglers’ Notch (Vermont)

Stowe Mountain Resort (Vermont)

Stratton Mountain (Vermont) Resort

Sugarbush (Vermont) Resort

Snowshoe (West Virginia)

Some Northeast and Central Atlantic states with ski resorts also have their own ski and ski-related travel sites or spend part of their main travel materials for skiing/snowboarding.

The best place to ski and snowboarding in the Midwest

The terrain in the Midwest and Plains states is generally flatter, thus making the area ideal for cross-country skiing rather than downhill skiing. Although the Arctic winter weather conditions provide abundant snow for skiing and snowboarding, the experience of volcanic (downhill) skiing is really hard to reach in the Midwest (as opposed to the West). Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the places you will find the best skiing and snowboarding in the Midwest.

Chestnut Mountain Ski Area (Illinois)

Mountain Sundown (Iowa)

Blackjack (Michigan) Ski Area

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort (Michigan)

Boyne Mountain Ski Area (Michigan)

Indianhead Mountain Ski Area (Michigan)

Marquette Mountain Ski Area (Michigan)

Mount Bohemia ski resort (Michigan)

Nob’s Nub ski area (Michigan)

Porcupine Mountain Ski Resort (Michigan)

Coffee Mill Ski Area (Minnesota)

Giants Ridge Ski Area (Minnesota)

Spirit Mountain Ski Area (Minnesota)

Huff Hills Ski Area (North Dakota)

Mystic Miner ski resort in Deer Mountain (South Dakota)

Cascade (Wisconsin) Mountain Ski Resort

Devils Head Ski Resort (Wisconsin)

Granite Peak (Wisconsin) Ski Area

MT. La Crosse (Wisconsin) Ski Area

According to this document, only the Midwest states – Michigan and Wisconsin – reserve part of their main travel materials for ski/snowboarding tourism.


Starting from the end of November, the people of the United States welcome winter season. It’s time when many states are covered in snow for at least 4 months, the weather is getting cold, sometimes freaking cold. And, sport fans are exciting to practice winter sports which also means snow and ice sports.

In the past, winter sports in America used to attached limited number of support due to the expensive cost to participate in and the lack of accessible facilities. In recent years, the development of the infrastructure, the growth of tourism and hospitality has allowed the evolving of winter sports destinations to the abundant. Today, no other country can boast and enjoy winter sports as varied as the USA. You can experience every winter sports that you can possibly imagine from skiing, ice-skating, snow-shoeing to snowboarding and open-air skating rinks across more than thousands of resort across America. The choice is absolutely infinite as long as you are brave enough to handle the cold and the physical exertion. Even if you have never tried it before or you don’t have the equipment; no worry, you’ve got covered with unlimited choice of tool kits available at every resort.

And to help you get started, let begin with the USA top 3 most popular winter sports.

  1. Ice hockey which is by far the most popular one based on the number of participants both in the world and in the US. It is a team sport in which two team of 6 skaters dashing around a rink chasing a hard puck with sticks in order to shoot it into their opponent’s net. It’s also considered a dangerous sport.
  2. Snowboarding which is even more  “hardcore” than ice hockey. It is the combination of 4 other winter sports namely skiing, skateboarding, surfing and sledding. Invented by the American in the 1960s, it became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998 at Nagano and in 2014 it made the official debut in the Sochi Winter Paralympics.
  3. Downhill skiing is a real “winter sport” for many people around the world; and in America, there are 2 areas that offer the best landscape for downhill skiing which are the Adirondack Mountains in the North East, and the Rockies in the West. This sport emphasizes a great deal on technique. As the speed increase, the players must have an aerodynamically efficient tuck position to minimize drag and crash.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your parka and get moving.