Challenging snow skiing in Colorado in the USA (Part 2)

And actually, winter is not so bad, and there are also many fun in the winter.

The best time to go skiing is from November to April. This is the time of the most snow, and also coincides with the winter vacation. Most ski resorts in Colorado will be open after November or early December, they will try to open as long as possible.

If you are not brave enough to explore the Colorado snow mountains, you can choose the big resorts, located a few hours drive from Denver by car, there are some names that are trusted by tourists to choose from: Aspen, Keystone, Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Copper, etc.

Vail Mountain Resort

One of the most beautiful ski resorts in Colorado, with its high and low hills and varied slopes, with very thick snow, measuring 341 inches annually.

The resort has 31 lift systems belonging to 3 large parks, suitable for everyone, from those who do not know how to slide to professional athletes.

Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride has a special terrain built as a small town in the mountains of San Juan, the amount of snow is always dense, making this resort annually attracts hundreds of thousands of people to relax and ski each season. This place has an area of ​​about 2000 acres, the highest point of about 4000 above sea level. Annual snowfall is up to 76m.

Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Snowmass consists of four large twin tops, making the resort the largest in the region with a variety of ski terrain in Colorado. It is trusted by many famous singers and actors from around the United States every year, from Hollywood superstars to professional sports athletes in the region.

The best places for skiing in the United States (Part 2)

Mammoth Mountain, California, USA

There must be a reason why Mammoth Mountain is listed as the best ski spot for a winter getaway with your beloved family. Discover what makes Mount Mammoth a perfect family destination.

This is an ideal ski location for both professional and amateur skiers. The slopes here in the central park of Mammoth Mountain vary at different heights and sizes. The government has put a lot of effort into designing the part that makes it suitable for all types of players, from flat slopes to very vertical terrain. The great feeling of jumping and jumping can make your winter vacation unforgettable here at Mammoth Mountain.

One more intriguing thing about the mountain is that this is almost the first ski spot that opens in the year in the US and will close by the end of July. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to manage your busy schedule. yourself to come here and enjoy the vacation with your favorite people.

Squaw Valley, California, USA

Unlike Mammoth Mountain, here in Squaw Valley, unfortunately, you can only find spots for professional skiers. With an extremely vertical slope, the valley challenges your generosity in performing jumps and jumps.

If you don’t like a crowded place, head to Squaw Valley on weekdays and enjoy the atmosphere with your loved ones. Valleys have many different types of slopes that vary in altitude, some are artificially created and some are naturally created.

Mountain meadows, California, USA

The most fascinating thing that attracts visitors to the Meadow Mountain is its amazingly beautiful Lake. Close your eyes and imagine that you are at the highest peak of a huge snow field in Alpine Meadows overlooking the lake and admire the beauty of this spectacular view from above. Sounds interesting, right?

The terrain here at Alpine Meadows is quite similar to the terrain at Mammoth Mountain, but a little smoother. That’s why it’s also an ideal ski spot for both skiers and beginners alike.

For amateur skiers, slippery and low slopes are the perfect choice. They can also take some courses, where they will be taught some skills how to go skiing properly like an expert.

And for skilled players, they will choose some terrain taller and more challenging to enjoy skiing at Alpine Meadows.

4 exciting sports experiences of American winter

Winters in the US, even if it’s cold outside, don’t mean you have to stay indoors.

Play at your own Winter Olympics – Lake Placid, New York

Whenever you watch skiers during the Olympics, have you ever wondered, “Can I do that?” . Yes, at Lake Placid, New York you can. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice (in 1932 and 1980), and now caters to visitors who come in search of glory for themselves.

Any fit person can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can pretend you’re Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval. The center offers activities for all ages, including torch relay, ski races and hockey.

The best view of the Northern Lights – Fairbanks, Alaska

Thanks to its proximity to the North Pole, and the lack of urban lighting, this isolated area is one of the best places to visit in Aurora Borealis. The green light ribbons caused by charged particles from the sun interact with the earth’s atmosphere, and the crystal sky about 360 miles north of Anchorage, comes alive and attract many visitors (the universities here will provide forecasts to track this phenomenon).

If you are looking for guidance, book a tour with Guides. The trip departs at 10 pm from the Chena Hot Springs Resort, about 60 miles from downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. Staff set up a hot water tank, where you can warm your body after watching the light while sipping hot drinks.

Ski down pristine trails – Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah has three of the country’s best ski and resorts. Small groups of skiers boarding with a track wheel can handle the area’s diverse terrain and travel to parts of the mountain, as well as a cable car for sightseeing around the city.

Skiing in the wilderness – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming can be a top ski destination for you. From mid-December to early April, visitors can enjoy a horse ride through the park to see thousands of deer in Northern Europe. The tour guide will also show you other wildlife of this place, such as the eagle and trumpet swan. A free shuttle bus operates between Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center.

A complete guide about outfit for snow skiing beginners

Surely many people enjoy the winter sport in the USA. In America, there are many ski resorts that can experience this winter sport.

Things to buy first

Eyeglasses to avoid glare

If you don’t have glasses, you’ll feel cold to the point of sore eyes. The snow will reflect the sun so the eyes will feel very tired. If you have dazzle-proof glasses, you won’t feel that discomfort.

If you wear glasses, you should choose the type of anti-glare glasses that can still wear the glasses being worn (near, far, chaotic).


If you expose your skin to air, cold air will seep in from it. In the cold winter, you should use scarves with high heat retention. If using a long-necked scarf, it would be quite dangerous if the scarf was wrapped around the neck when it fell.


You should not use ordinary thin gloves. If the snow soaked in, the hand would be freezing and no longer feeling anything. So buy waterproof gloves! If there is a fall, it is also possible to reduce the impact.


Depending on the time and weather, when cold, the hair will freeze. Remember to bring your hat to your ears.

These items can be rented at the ski area.

You should not “wear casual sportswear”. If you do not wear ski clothes, it will be very cold when it gets in. So make sure you wear clothes designed for skiing and snowboarding.

List of things to have while skiing. This is not a must-have list, but it would be better if it is.


To keep your buttocks from getting hurt when you fall. If it falls a few times, it will hurt. So if you have a butt guard, you will feel completely comfortable.

Small wallet

Unlike normal wallets, if you have a small wallet that can be put into your pocket, it will be very convenient when you want to buy drinks or food.

Waterproof zip lock bag

To avoid surface freezing of mobile phones, you should put them in a zip lock bag.


When starting to slide it will take quite a while until arrival. So, please add some nutrition sometimes.

Sunscreen, lip balm

Even if it’s not sunny, your skin gets sunburned because it’s reflected by the snow.

You should have lip balm to prevent dry lips.

Best places for skiing in America (Part 1)

Skiing is a challenging sport and is loved by many young people. But it’s also undeniable that the cost of a skiing is quite expensive. Equipment (whether new or rented), motels, food, and entrance tickets can burn your wallet, skiing will always be a distant dream for many.

But do not be discouraged, because there are many resorts across the US that allow you to buy tickets at reasonable prices. The landmarks below are 5 of the cheapest ski resorts in the US. Come on, let’s walk through these resorts and choose for you the most ideal place. Certainly this snow sport will bring you a wonderful holiday that you have always craved.

Bridger Bowl (Montana)

The resort with a height of about 792.48 m, an annual snow thickness of 8.89 m, and almost never have to wait in the elevator sounds like a place for the great? Is not! In fact, you can ski with snowboards and canes at the Bridger Bowl for only $ 49.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy life, parties, and an ideal atmosphere at Bozeman, one of the highest ranked university towns in the United States. So why not? An air ticket to Bozeman!

Powderhorn (Colorado)

Colorado in the US is filled with snow resorts, and many people can choose the famous resort Vail or Aspen. But these destinations do not suit our budget.

For those who are quite cautious and cautious when choosing the ski area (because the cost is too high, the equipment bill has burned our pocket), places like Powderhorn are a breeze to bring. to the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains. It also offers some of the best skiing techniques in the area. Not only that, you will see the red sandstone mountains, heralding the presence of the southwestern desert of the United States.

With just $ 61 entry fee, it’s hard to believe that luck as you skim through the white snow clusters in challenging bends.