What activities to do when traveling to the USA in the winter (Part 1)

Despite the relatively low temperatures, US tourist destinations such as Minneapolis, Minnesota are also able to attract thousands of visitors to activities such as freezing climbing during the Sandstone Ice Festival.

In addition, when traveling to the US, visitors can experience many skiing destinations or visit frozen lakes at high speed.

Winters in the US are extremely cold, but American tourist destinations still have many interesting places for you to play without worrying about having to book an American tour at Vietnam Travel Here are interesting experiences for you when traveling to the US in the winter.

1. Watch the whales on the island of Hawaii

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you come to the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Winter is also the season when whales swim through the North Pacific. According to the researchers, humpback whales will migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to find warmer waters in the winter. In addition to whale watching tours in Hawaii, you can watch the sunrise or sunset extremely beautiful.

2. Skating at Central Park in New York, USA

When coming to the US tour in the winter, visitors are attracted not only by the snow but also by the interesting outdoor activities. One of them is ice skating at the Wollman Rink ice rink – a sport loved by Americans as well as tourists.

This ice rink is located in the center of New York Central Park. When you come here you can enjoy this winter sports in the USA from morning till night. You can join ice skating from October to early April next year (depending on weather conditions).

3. Participate in your own Winter Olympics at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Any fit person can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval. There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.