Activities that are familiar in the US but still attract tourists

Coming to the US not only for sightseeing, sightseeing but also a lot of interesting winter sports that anyone visiting this country should not miss.

Even though the so-called leisure activities are so familiar to Americans, both Americans and tourists from far away love it. Sometimes they come and have fun with their friends.

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you visit the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Play at your own “Winter Olympics” at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Anyone who is fit can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval.

There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.

Ice climbing at Adirondacks

Adirondacks, New York, USA is an area that attracts many tourists each year. If you love climbing and want to have more new experiences, come to Adirondacks on the journey to visit the US in the winter.

Climbing in the winter in this region is an interesting experience, attracting visitors to the most first. The time when many places are covered with snow, freezing is also the time when Adirondacks becomes more attractive than ever for adventure enthusiasts.

Ice fishing in Alaska

Ice fishing is one of America’s winter activities, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you have a trip to America, don’t miss this exciting game!

Ice fishing usually takes place on 10cm -15cm thick ice. From December onwards, Alaska lakes in the United States often freeze not too thick due to weather conditions. After you have chosen a suitable location, just dig a hole in the ice with manual tools to release the string.

This activity is very interesting, not only for adults but also for children, so that they experience it will help their imagination and help connect families.