The most horrifying cold run in the US

The temperature was down to minus 35 degrees C does not prevent the athletes reckless participation in extreme running Arrowhead 135 set a new record.

Jordan Wakely (Michigan, USA) has become the champion and set a new record for cycling content when finished with 11 hours 43 minutes at Arrowhead 135, one of the hardest races on the planet.

Arrowhead 135 is an ultra marathon of 135 miles (216km) held at the coldest time of the year (January) in Northern Minnesota, the coldest region in the United States.

Arrowhead 135 has different rules compared to other running events. In addition to running, athletes can also use bicycles, snowboards or sleds to participate. In addition, attendees also have to bring mandatory clothes to survive in dangerous weather conditions because there are only 3 checkpoints arranged by people on the runway, of which 1 point only provides water.

Participants do not receive outside assistance and must complete it within 46 hours (from 9pm on Monday (January 28) to 7pm on Wednesday, local time). Arrowhead 135 is listed among the 50 most challenging races in the world.

This year, the weather during the race was rated as the coldest in the last quarter century. Outdoor temperatures between minus 9 and minus 23 degrees are considered ideal for athletes. Out of the 146 starting athletes, there are 75 cyclists, 64 runners, 3 people using ski trolleys, and 4 people using snowboards.

“The race pushes you to the limit of your body. You will find out where your limits are and what you can do. 70% of our athletes are veterans returning from the previous season. They came here to participate in the race because of the unique extreme cold that is not available anywhere. In other words, if the temperature is unfortunately warmer than usual, the athletes will feel like they were deceived”, said Ken Krueger, the director of the tournament.

Jovica Spajic (Russia) is the first runner to finish after 36 hours 09 minutes. Faye Norby (Minnesota) is a women’s runners champion with 48 hours and 34 minutes. All athletes using ski trolleys and snowboards are all DNF (not completed).