What activities to do when traveling to the USA in the winter (Part 2)

4. Climbing ice in Adirondacks America

Adirondacks, New York, United States is an area that attracts many visitors each year. If you love climbing and want to have more new experiences, come to Adirondacks in the winter itinerary.

Climbing in the winter in this region is an interesting experience, attracting visitors to the most first. The time when many places are covered with snow, freezing is also the time when Adirondacks becomes more attractive than ever for adventure enthusiasts.

5. Experience the best view of the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

Thanks to its proximity to the North Pole, and the lack of urban lighting, this isolated area is one of the most interesting places in Aurora Borealis. Where the green light ribbons caused by solar charged particles interact with the earth’s atmosphere, and the crystal sky about 360 miles north of Anchorage, become alive. dynamic.

US trips to Alaska here begin at 10 pm from the Chena Hot Springs Resort, about 60 miles from downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. After watching the light, you will experience hot tub bathing while sipping hot drinks – an unforgettable experience during your winter trip to America.

6. Ice fishing in Alaska

Ice fishing in Alaska is the most popular American tourist destination.

Ice fishing is one of America’s winter activities, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you travel the United States do not miss this interesting game!

Ice fishing usually takes place on 10cm -15cm thick ice. From December onwards, Alaska lakes in the United States often freeze not too thick due to weather conditions. After you have chosen a suitable location, just dig a hole in the ice with manual tools to release the string.

Ice fishing requires patience, because you may have to sit for hours outdoors to be able to fish.

If travelers are wondering what activities to take in the US tour in the winter, the above are great suggestions for you. Book your Visa to America now to enjoy this exciting feeling. It can be said that US winter travel is one of the best things for you