Interesting things to try in the winter of the United States

Interesting things only in the US! Always a busy and bustling city – the land of chess always attracts visitors every year to experience new things! Today’s we will introduce you to exciting winter sports in the USA.

The United States consists of 50 states and a federal district. Each state of the United States has its own special features and attracts tourists to come here. In addition to the cultural beauty and unique natural surroundings, the recreational activities here are also one of the reasons why sports lovers come to the United States.

Jogging in Idaho

Idaho Coeur d’alene Resort is one of the places suitable for jogging by the fresh air and natural beauty. This area is suitable for those who run and bike long distances by the peaceful blue lake.

Playing sports in Lake Tahoe

Lake Taho is the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada region of the US state of California and is an ideal skiing spot for the winter. This is suitable for winter sports lovers who come here to experience!

Admiring the water world in Oregon

The most famous Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and ranks 9th worldwide. Oregon, this is an ideal lake for visitors with diving in submerged volcanoes and admire the great mosses under the lake bed.

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the wildlife world with a trip around the islands near the sunken crater on Wizard Island.

Horseback riding in Montana

Guests can both horseback riding and enjoy the scenery and enjoy the fresh air! Here you can visit the horse farm here to learn the process of raising horses. There are also campsites for families.

Wild nature in Alaska

The only way to get to Lake Clark in Alaska is to walk through the forest, you will have interesting experiences as an eco tour. Clark Lake is considered the highlight of Alaska region because of its fresh green Activities that take place in the lake such as fishing, kayaking or enjoying the wild scenery, camping, walking around the lake.