The most favorite winter sports in the USA

The USA is famous with many modern sports. This nation is also called as a sport nation because the local people are close with sports in daily life.

If you visit USA, you should discover some sports to understand deeply about culture and the human. In this article, we continue to share top the most favorite winter sports in the USA.

3/ Ice Hockey

In hockey history, the USA is the first home. The fact that, hockey is one of the most indispensable winter sports at there.

This sport is suitable to play with team. In general, it has a basic form and rule as football but it is only played on ice. In one team, there are 6 players and one goalkeeper. When one player hit ball into the opponent’s net, they will get one score. Finally, which team has higher scores, they become winners.

This sport is good to practice muscles and keep fit for body, so it becomes a favorite teamwork game. For any student in the USA, he also tried to play ice hockey at least one time. Then he can be addicted because you feel comfortable and relaxing when playing it.

4/ Curling    

It is an interesting sport at the SNC. Someone is called rockballs.

There are 2 team in one match. In one team, will have 4 players. Members in team will try the best to overcome pace of opponents and make score suitably.

Purpose of curling is to hit rockball on the ice to target. As method, one member will move ball whereas the rest will adjust and take action directly with only ball.

5/ Baseboarding

Basically, it is tobogganing then it has been created when connecting with a baseboard to move on ski road smoothly.

This sport requires basic requirements so it only takes some minutes to remember and start it for beginners.