3. Competition in the Winter Olympics – Lake Placid, New York

Once honored to host the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980, Lake Placid, New York is now open to tourism. Here you can experience like a true athlete when participating in sports activities such as running bobsled at the Olympic Sports Complex or fall in love with skating or hockey, etc. There is also a relay and many other sports to suit the needs of each person.

4. Relax with a glass of iced wine – Traverse City, Michigan

After you’ve engaged in a zest for sports, let yourself relax with a glass of iced wine in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City – an American town with a mild climate is a good condition for obtaining good grapes and it is a necessary condition for the production of fine wines.

An interesting fact that not everyone knows is that the winemakers here have used icing on the tree in the cold air of northern Michigan to produce a special flavored grape wine. If you want to learn about wine, you can go to the place of its production and do not forget to reward yourself with a good glass of wine.

5. Ice fishing in Alaska

In the winter, starting from December onwards, when the lakes in Alaska will freeze but not too thick, only about 10-15cm thick. After selecting a suitable location, you just need to dig a hole in the ice with manual tools and then can drop the rope.

Ice fishing requires anglers to have patience, because visitors may have to sit for hours outdoors in the cold to be able to fish. Ice fishing is a truly enjoyable experience for those who want a truly airy time outdoors.

Hopefully, the article above has suggested some good activities for your trip to the US in the winter.