What activities to do when traveling to the USA in the winter (Part 1)

Despite the relatively low temperatures, US tourist destinations such as Minneapolis, Minnesota are also able to attract thousands of visitors to activities such as freezing climbing during the Sandstone Ice Festival.

In addition, when traveling to the US, visitors can experience many skiing destinations or visit frozen lakes at high speed.

Winters in the US are extremely cold, but American tourist destinations still have many interesting places for you to play without worrying about having to book an American tour at Vietnam Travel Here are interesting experiences for you when traveling to the US in the winter.

1. Watch the whales on the island of Hawaii

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you come to the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Winter is also the season when whales swim through the North Pacific. According to the researchers, humpback whales will migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to find warmer waters in the winter. In addition to whale watching tours in Hawaii, you can watch the sunrise or sunset extremely beautiful.

2. Skating at Central Park in New York, USA

When coming to the US tour in the winter, visitors are attracted not only by the snow but also by the interesting outdoor activities. One of them is ice skating at the Wollman Rink ice rink – a sport loved by Americans as well as tourists.

This ice rink is located in the center of New York Central Park. When you come here you can enjoy this winter sports in the USA from morning till night. You can join ice skating from October to early April next year (depending on weather conditions).

3. Participate in your own Winter Olympics at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Any fit person can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval. There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.

St. Louis Blues ice hockey team won the Stanley Cup for the first time

Louis Blues hockey team defeated the Boston Bruins in the decisive match for the championship of the American Hockey Professionals (NHL).

After 6 extremely powerful matches, the two teams drew 3-3 in the series of finals. St. Louis is looking for the first championship in 52 seasons, and their rival Boston Bruins is trying to have a 7th championship.

The seventh match decided to take place on Bruins’ TD Garden, but the match took place in a one-way direction for St. Louis Blues when they beat rivals Boston Bruins right away with a score of 4-1.

Goal players for St. Louis includes Ryan O’Reilly, captain Alex Pietrangelo, Brayden Schenn and Zach Sanford. The Blues victory was also greatly contributed by goalkeeper Jordan Binnington with many excellent saves. Ryan O’Reilly was also voted Best Player of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year.

Alex Pietrangelo added a goal and an assistant and Brayden Schenn and Zach Sanford also scored for St Louis. The Blues woke up on New Year’s morning with the worst performance of the tournament but won 30 of the last 49 matches of the season and passed the playoffs to the final for the first time since 1970.

Coach Craig Berube, who took over when Mike Yeo was sacked in November, was the fourth coach in the past 11 years to be hired in the middle to lead his team to the NHL position.

Ryan O’Reilly plays a very important role to the first Stanley cup for the Blues

With the first Stanley Cup, Louis Blues made history by ending 52 years of waiting for the NHL championship, the longest time in this tournament.

The team is from Louis also balanced the record when he won 10 away matches in the Stanley Cup 2018/19 playoffs, including three consecutive victories on the Boston pitch in the final round, thereby repaying the debt in the series. Stanley Cup final in 1970 when they lost to Boston Bruins 0-4.

Extremely significant victory of St. Louis Blues when they defeated the opponent in the rematch after 49 years.

The 16-year-old ski athlete refuses to play for the US in the Winter Olympics

Eileen Gu, a Chinese-American female snowboarder, received cheering on the Chinese media when deciding to naturalize and compete for this country.

According to China Plus, Eileen Gu stated on social media that she transferred citizenship from the United States to China on June 6. She acquired Chinese nationality to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

According to Olympic rules, athletes with dual nationality have the right to choose to represent a country to compete. However, Chinese law does not recognize dual citizenship and requires Gu to renounce US citizenship.

The girl, born in 2003, said she will continue to live, study and train in the US, while returning to visit China for summer vacations and competitions. She did not comment on questions regarding American citizenship

Eileen Gu was born and raised in the US, whose mother is originally from Beijing. She speaks Chinese fluently. The athlete said the decision to join the Chinese team was extremely difficult, but hoped her actions would help strengthen the friendship between countries and inspire young girls to participate in sports.

The United States has many of the world’s top skiers, and some have switched nationalities due to intense competition to be part of the national team. According to CapRelo’s research, at the 2018 Winter Olympics, 178 athletes were naturalized to compete for other countries, including 37 people from the United States.

However, for Gu, who has been skiing since she was 3 years old and won many medals, she said she is confident she will participate in the Olympics even if she chooses to recruit the United States. Even so, she still wants to return to play for her homeland.

China has seen athletes (mostly in table tennis) naturalizing for other countries. However, when it comes to winter sports, this country is struggling with a scarcity of talent. They have won nine medals at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, too small for Norway’s 39, or 17 for Korean hosts.

In tennis, Naomi Osaka also faced the difficult decision of life. She must choose either American or Japanese nationality on October 22 until she turns 22. Japanese law does not recognize people with dual nationality.

Activities that are familiar in the US but still attract tourists

Coming to the US not only for sightseeing, sightseeing but also a lot of interesting winter sports that anyone visiting this country should not miss.

Even though the so-called leisure activities are so familiar to Americans, both Americans and tourists from far away love it. Sometimes they come and have fun with their friends.

You can experience the winter when traveling to the US without completely taking place in the cold. From January to March, if you visit the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to participate in activities such as whale watching.

Play at your own “Winter Olympics” at Lake Placid – New York

You can try your hand at participating in the winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York City. This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1932 and 1980, now serving visitors to search for glory for themselves.

Anyone who is fit can run bobsled (with a professional driver) at the Olympic Sports Complex. At a place near the Olympic Center, you can call yourself Apolo Anton Ohno and speed skating around the oval.

There are many activities at the center for all ages, including torch relay, hockey, ski race, etc.

Ice climbing at Adirondacks

Adirondacks, New York, USA is an area that attracts many tourists each year. If you love climbing and want to have more new experiences, come to Adirondacks on the journey to visit the US in the winter.

Climbing in the winter in this region is an interesting experience, attracting visitors to the most first. The time when many places are covered with snow, freezing is also the time when Adirondacks becomes more attractive than ever for adventure enthusiasts.

Ice fishing in Alaska

Ice fishing is one of America’s winter activities, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you have a trip to America, don’t miss this exciting game!

Ice fishing usually takes place on 10cm -15cm thick ice. From December onwards, Alaska lakes in the United States often freeze not too thick due to weather conditions. After you have chosen a suitable location, just dig a hole in the ice with manual tools to release the string.

This activity is very interesting, not only for adults but also for children, so that they experience it will help their imagination and help connect families.

5 Cheapest skiing spots in the US (Part 2)

3. Mount Shasta Ski Park (California)

The ski area is in the shade of Mount Shasta, a volcano of 4322 m high in the state of California. You will discover, Mount Shasta Ski Park has things that you can hardly find in California today.

For just $ 49 for an adult weekday admission ticket, you’ll be surfing over 7 m of snowflakes. And with the El Nino phenomenon this winter, there is more to it than that! The controlled area covers more than 1.72 km², you can ski all day and night.

75% of all routes are for new players or have some experience. Shasta Resort is also extremely friendly, so do not hesitate to bring new ski friends to join. And with this great snow sports school, they will also plan to come back with you before you know it!

4. Mount Burke (Vermont)

Vermont is located in the Northeast of the United States and is home to many beautiful ski resorts. Thanks to the Appalachian Mountains, the ski routes here are truly spectacular. Because of the price inflation attributed to the rich in New York and Boston, you will find that the wallet is a lot lighter after a visit to the hills and mountains here.

But Mount Burke is a rare convergence of both quality and price. For a price that can’t be lower, $ 64 for each entry ticket, you’ll be free to wander and test your courage. 86% of the rinks are average or harder, stay away from young Yuppie youths that can cause clashes when they are not paying attention, and only good skiers will be left.

5. Dartmouth Skiway (New Hampshire)

Want to find a college with a snow resort in the backyard? Yes, you have come to the right address!

Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth University possesses a hill 20 miles north of the campus. The hill is used to train athletes for the school’s snow sport. However, snow lovers can still join above 300 meters for only $ 47 entry fee.

Although there is a whole list of ski resorts in the US, we recognize some of you here still want to visit Canada this winter. You may shudder to know the expensive cost of living here, but there are still many snow resorts that are not too expensive.

Hope you will have a great time enjoying this winter sport in the USA!

5 Cheapest skiing spots in the US (Part 1)

Skiing is a challenging winter sport and is loved by many young people. But it’s also undeniable that the cost of a skiing is quite expensive. Equipment (whether new or rented), motels, food, and entrance tickets can burn your wallet, making skiing an ever-distant dream for many.

But do not be discouraged, because there are many resorts across the US that allow you to buy tickets at reasonable prices. The landmarks below are 5 of the cheapest ski resorts in the US. Come on, let’s walk through these resorts and choose for you the most ideal place. Certainly this winter sport will bring you a wonderful holiday that you have always craved.

1. Bridger Bowl (Montana)

The resort with a height of about 792.48 m, an annual snow thickness of 8.89 m, and almost never have to squeeze in the elevator. Does it sound like a place for the giants? It is not! In fact, you can ski with snowboards and canes at the Bridger Bowl for only $49.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy life, parties, and an ideal atmosphere at Bozeman, one of the highest ranked university towns in the United States. So why not? An air ticket to Bozeman!

2. Powderhorn (Colorado)

Colorado in the US is filled with snow resorts, and many people can choose the famous resort Vail or Aspen. But these destinations do not suit our budget.

For those who are quite cautious and cautious when choosing the ski area (because the cost is too high, the equipment bill has burned our pocket money), places like Powderhorn are a breeze to bring the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains. It also offers some of the best skiing techniques in the area. Not only that, you will see the red sandstone mountains, heralding the presence of the southwestern desert of the United States.

With just $ 61 entry fee, it’s hard to believe that luck as you skim through the white snow clusters in challenging bends.

3 interesting winter activities to try in the US

Although it is currently the spring, learning about America’s travel in the winter is also necessary because we always want to find new and interesting things in the US winter.

In today’s journey, we will travel to the United States in the winter and join in 4 exciting activities in 4 famous places of the United States.

1. Ski at Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a part of Alaska where there are quite a few people here, but every winter comes, it starts to bustle with people coming here to participate in skiing. It is being exploited to the fullest because it has favorable terrain suitable for skiing.

Jackson Hole is famous for Rendezvous, Apres Vous these are two mountains for skiing purposes. The area of ​​these two places is about 2,500 acres and offers 116 skid tracks.

If you do not like to ski, you can go to Yellowstone, Grand Teton is a large national park of this area, you will discover the natural beauty and wildlife such as eagle or species. beautiful swan.

2. Take in the beautiful views of Northern Lights – Fairbanks

Northern Lights – Fairbanks is located very close to the North Pole, so it is often quite cold and often happens unique natural phenomena. The green ice particles are caused by charged particles that collide with the earth’s atmosphere, creating a beautiful space 360 ​​miles north.

Currently, it is offering guided tours. Departure time at 10 o’clock from Chena Hot Springs Resort is located in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. It also has heated swimming pools to cater to visitors.

3. Take part in the Olympics at Lake Placid

Lake Placid had the honor of hosting the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980 and is now open to tourism. Here you can become an athlete and participate in small competitions such as running bobsled at the Olympic Sports Complex or participating in ice skating or ice hockey, etc. It also hosts running, torchbearers or other recreational activities suitable for everyone.

The most horrifying cold run in the US

The temperature was down to minus 35 degrees C does not prevent the athletes reckless participation in extreme running Arrowhead 135 set a new record.

Jordan Wakely (Michigan, USA) has become the champion and set a new record for cycling content when finished with 11 hours 43 minutes at Arrowhead 135, one of the hardest races on the planet.

Arrowhead 135 is an ultra marathon of 135 miles (216km) held at the coldest time of the year (January) in Northern Minnesota, the coldest region in the United States.

Arrowhead 135 has different rules compared to other running events. In addition to running, athletes can also use bicycles, snowboards or sleds to participate. In addition, attendees also have to bring mandatory clothes to survive in dangerous weather conditions because there are only 3 checkpoints arranged by people on the runway, of which 1 point only provides water.

Participants do not receive outside assistance and must complete it within 46 hours (from 9pm on Monday (January 28) to 7pm on Wednesday, local time). Arrowhead 135 is listed among the 50 most challenging races in the world.

This year, the weather during the race was rated as the coldest in the last quarter century. Outdoor temperatures between minus 9 and minus 23 degrees are considered ideal for athletes. Out of the 146 starting athletes, there are 75 cyclists, 64 runners, 3 people using ski trolleys, and 4 people using snowboards.

“The race pushes you to the limit of your body. You will find out where your limits are and what you can do. 70% of our athletes are veterans returning from the previous season. They came here to participate in the race because of the unique extreme cold that is not available anywhere. In other words, if the temperature is unfortunately warmer than usual, the athletes will feel like they were deceived”, said Ken Krueger, the director of the tournament.

Jovica Spajic (Russia) is the first runner to finish after 36 hours 09 minutes. Faye Norby (Minnesota) is a women’s runners champion with 48 hours and 34 minutes. All athletes using ski trolleys and snowboards are all DNF (not completed).

The best places for skiing in the United States (Part 2)

Mammoth Mountain, California, USA

There must be a reason why Mammoth Mountain is listed as the best ski spot for a winter getaway with your beloved family. Discover what makes Mount Mammoth a perfect family destination.

This is an ideal ski location for both professional and amateur skiers. The slopes here in the central park of Mammoth Mountain vary at different heights and sizes. The government has put a lot of effort into designing the part that makes it suitable for all types of players, from flat slopes to very vertical terrain. The great feeling of jumping and jumping can make your winter vacation unforgettable here at Mammoth Mountain.

One more intriguing thing about the mountain is that this is almost the first ski spot that opens in the year in the US and will close by the end of July. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to manage your busy schedule. yourself to come here and enjoy the vacation with your favorite people.

Squaw Valley, California, USA

Unlike Mammoth Mountain, here in Squaw Valley, unfortunately, you can only find spots for professional skiers. With an extremely vertical slope, the valley challenges your generosity in performing jumps and jumps.

If you don’t like a crowded place, head to Squaw Valley on weekdays and enjoy the atmosphere with your loved ones. Valleys have many different types of slopes that vary in altitude, some are artificially created and some are naturally created.

Mountain meadows, California, USA

The most fascinating thing that attracts visitors to the Meadow Mountain is its amazingly beautiful Lake. Close your eyes and imagine that you are at the highest peak of a huge snow field in Alpine Meadows overlooking the lake and admire the beauty of this spectacular view from above. Sounds interesting, right?

The terrain here at Alpine Meadows is quite similar to the terrain at Mammoth Mountain, but a little smoother. That’s why it’s also an ideal ski spot for both skiers and beginners alike.

For amateur skiers, slippery and low slopes are the perfect choice. They can also take some courses, where they will be taught some skills how to go skiing properly like an expert.

And for skilled players, they will choose some terrain taller and more challenging to enjoy skiing at Alpine Meadows.

The best places for skiing in the United States (Part 1)

Winter does not mean you should stay home to enjoy your vacation at home with your family without going out at all. When it comes to winter break, there are many things you can do outdoors, one of which can make people excited to think about it going skiing.

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in the USA. But do you know where is best to go? Here I would like to introduce you to some great places where you can go skiing and spend time with your family in a short winter. The best ski places to go in the United States

Snowbird, Utah, USA

The first place always listed as the best place to go skiing in the US is Snowbird, located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. This is a perfect place for both professional and amateur skiers because of its ideal lightness.

For those who just started playing this great game lately, they can choose smoother and flatter terrain. But for those who are already proficient in the game, they prefer to go to Snowbird because of its famous vertical terrain and over 4,500 large snow fields to ski. Just imagine how great it would be to make some great jumps and jumps on those high slopes.

Telluride, Colorado, USA

Colorado is known as one of the most popular ski destinations in the US. There are many places you will choose to enjoy your winter vacation and go skiing here in this state. In every corner of the state once it starts to snow, people gather and enjoy the warm winter atmosphere here in town and go skiing is definitely an indispensable activity. Among those famous spots, I would recommend you Telluride.

If you don’t like a place that’s always crowded, Telluride is the right choice for you. The special thing in Telluride is that there are no long lines of tourists and peaceful atmosphere that you can find here. All this can make your winter vacation to Telluride unforgettable.

Also, if you have just started this great winter game, visit Telluride. Telluride’s slope is not very high, but rather flat. They also offer many skiing courses suitable for amateur players. You do not need to worry about the height of the slopes here in this lovely town because, even at the highest peaks, it is not too difficult.